Bag Manufacturers in Mumbai Dharavi, India. Bags India Bag Manufacturer a wide range of Customized backpacks, with different materials Nylon, Polyester, Leather, Polypropylene, Canvas Etc.

Making a backpack 100% waterproof is difficult due to the stitching, zippers, and openings.

However, a lot of manufacturers add layers or coatings to their packs to help keep them dry.

Nylon is one of the most popular and often seen materials used in backpacks today. It is actually a broad range of plastics (Polyamides) that can be melted down and turned into various things including fibers. It is these fibers that are woven and used for backpacks.

School Bag Manufacturers

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We have many design samples, but we produce according to customer’s designs, drawings, or Samples. Your logo can be embossed on our promotional Samples, these custom products are perfect for increasing your brand awareness.
We making 100% Original School bags and all types of bags at Best Price Free Delivery all over Mumbai.